RTU fillings and functional fats

There are two ingredients that are necessary for making tasty coffee bread, a filling adding taste and texture, and a fat that makes the coffee bread soft with a good shelf life.

Credin Sweden has got a long experience of developing and producing tasty, bake stable and easy-to-use RTU fillings (ready-to-use). We have a wide range of fillings that allow you to create tasteful and enjoyable bakery and pastry products in a cost efficient way, no matter if you are an industrial, in-store or artisan professional.

If you have special requests we have the experience, the organization and the courage to develop fillings for you adapted to your needs and opportunities.

The second ingredient necessary for a tasty and soft coffee bread is a fat adapted to the specific needs.

Functional fats” is a concept and registered trademark of Credin. It is a range of liquid fats with the addition of emulsifiers and/or enzymes giving your coffee bread the volume, freshness and shelf life that both you and your customers want and expect. By integrating the bread improver in the liquid fat you have a solution that makes your production more rational and cost-effective, and you get a coffee bread of high and consistent quality.

A liquid fat also enables pumpable solutions, which means increased productivity and cost efficiency.

A good shelf life is important for the artisan baker, and in particular for industrial bakeries packing their coffee bread in plastic bags. In this case both the bakery and the consumer expect a long shelf life and freshness. For these bakeries our Functional fats concept is the ideal solution.

We are the experts in RTU fillings.

An attractive range of RTU fillings.
Under the Credin brand we offer a broad and attractive range of RTU fillings of high quality adapted to the needs of the customers and the market with ingredients carefully chosen. We pay high attention giving the right taste to our fillings. We offer a wide range of flavours. Some are classic flavours, like vanilla and cinnamon, some are more unique, like salted caramel, and some are adapted and developed to the needs and wishes of individual customers. Our fillings are easy to use. That means production and cost efficiency in your bakery. Furthermore they are bake, freeze and thaw stable.

Our RTU fillings are being used in a variety of areas. We satisfy needs in industrial bakeries since long, with standard products as well as customized fillings. Artisan bakers appreciate the pallet of qualities and flavours as well as the ease of use. The same goes for in-store bakers.

Also in the Horeca sector we make life better and easier with our RTU fillings.

Packaging solutions
To satisfy different packaging needs we offer different solutions. You can get our fillings in buckets, in piping bags as well as in industrial packagings for larger volumes.

Our expertise in customization
With our long history and experience of developing and producing RTU fillings we have become experts in customizing fillings. Together with individual customers we develop tailor-made products. You get the quality you need, the taste you are asking for and with a texture adapted to your taste and equipment. Flexibility is a key word in our organization and we are always committed to excellence in every aspect of our business.

Three companies working together for you
We are three companies in Orkla producing RTU fillings under the Credin brand, Orkla Foods Romania, Credin Portugal and Credin Sweden. Together we have a deep knowledge of our local markets as well as of the European market.

We all have long experience in developing and producing high quality RTU fillings adapted to the needs of the market, and the individual customer. To succeed in our mission flexibility is a corner-stone, in our minds as well as in our product development and our production to satisfy your needs and expectations.

Quality control is part of our daily focus to ensure that we provide safe products to all our customers.

Our “One Voice” concept means that you only need one contact to benefit from the entire organization in three countries. Your local contact is coordinating our joint efforts to satify your needs. It can’t be easier!